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Autumn Grace

The Autumnal Equinox is a celebrated and well welcomed time of the year as it symbolizes the great harvest; not to mention in the North East, it is revered for its beautiful weather. The crisp air and warm colored foliage allows for a reminder of the inevitable transformation of circumstances. It renews our understanding of cyclic nature and encourages the human element to accept and rejoice in change. The Autumnal Equinox also symbolizes a point in time of cosmic equality. The Sun is precisely above the Equator and day and night are of equal length; the Sun’s annual pathway intersects the celestial equator.
I adore this time of year and have the honor of spending more time with family and reflecting internally. In a recent visit with them, and in particular my little cousin who so happens to be named Autumn Grace, I was enveloped in much needed joy and community renewal. Sitting around the dinner table and sharing in the harvest initiated a sense of gratefulness, a real appreciation of the kindness and compassion from this belonging and extended arm of the familial self. Being around Autumn Grace, her innocence, her fervor for learning about life, and her unabridged energy had us all smiling from ear to ear and embracing our inner child. It reminded me that spending equal amounts of “adult-ing” and celebrating that inner child are necessary for balance and support our own celestial paths towards self-development.
We continue to observe the unbroken path towards internal growth as the season honors the shift in spiritual progression. Outwardly, we take stock of our blessings and prepare to instill those blessings in helping others, making space for more wonderful things to come, and replenishing our personal wells of joy. It is a time to emphasize our internal contemplation and intentions towards motivating our external actions and ambitions. Allow this Equinox to equalize the dream and the manifestation.
Mudra: Padma - join your palms together in front of your heart with the thumbs pressing in towards the chest. Spread your index, middle and ring finger away from the center, keeping your pinkies and thumbs bonded together. It should represent a lotus flower opening and is an energetic symbol of unlocking the heart, setting intention and welcoming opportunity. 


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