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Balance Must Be Practiced

I sat in a group yoga class years ago, eyes closed, breath even, and words whispered, “Balance cannot be taught… It must be practiced…” A light-bulb went off over my head and a smirk curled the corner of my lips. It was such a very apparent reminder of how we tell ourselves to remain even keeled but sometimes find the actual execution a bit challenging.  When I started my yogic journey decades ago, asana-ing around was a wonderful escape from performing the mundane daily to-do’s because it was new and aspirational. It was also very physical, not to mention the internal stimuli such exertion effects. Though it still carries this weight, asana has become more about self-development, as there are so many incredible variations and discoveries in the nuances of repetition that one body could ever master, even many lifetimes over. So, I continue to practice and build the connection of the mind, body, and spirit allowing the physical to moreover transform the mental. The balance comes fro