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Summer Solstice Vibes on the East Coast

Can you feel the Summer Solstice energy opening your mind, shaking your body, and satisfying your soul!? I sure can! This time of the year always brings an invigorating sense of joy and hope, as well as the celebration of all things HAPPY. The seeds we have planted during the Winter, have blossomed in the Spring, and are now ready to be reveled within the Summer. The East Coast warms up and sheds its gloomy cloak and yogis flock to the parks and beaches to practice under the clear blue sky and experience the crisp air. I recently got back from a trip to Portugal with a rekindled enthusiasm for writing and sharing thoughts and experiences via the “interwebs”. What better a time to do so than on the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, where some gather to do yoga in Times Square amidst the tall buildings, hoards of people, and interesting NYC scents… It hopes to create an awareness and exposure of the ancient tradition of eliciting peace within the overstimulating haven t