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Winter Solstice Solitude

     One of the most revered times of the year for peace and internal solace, the Winter Solstice is an interlude to elevate the self through practices of solitude and reflection. A rather colder period of time on the East coast, we turn to methods of increasing warmth and nurturing the body with earthly foods and brews. Finding the beauty and necessity in all seasons, the Winter Solstice reminds us of the need for life to be still, ruminate on the seeds planted, and prepare for their impending fruition. We amplify our intentions and focus on our goals for the future, giving them the positive energy and focus they require to manifest.      Though personal contributions to wellness are encouraged throughout the year, emphasis is even more evident during this time as we are challenged with the elements (being cognizant of geography). The beauty of the snow covered trees and crispness of the air prompt our internal constitutions to complement extra care and attention to our bodies,

Samhain Celebrations

Somewhere between the equidistance of the Autumnal Equinox and the Winter Solstice we embrace the enchanting Samhain. A time of mystery and lore in the most wonderfully bewitching of ways, spirits are free to express themselves in any composite or ethereal medium. It is almost expected that norms are purposefully disregarded and restrictions are recognized as never having a place in existence. For a moment in time, released from novelty and sometimes in spite of it, freedom of expression comes in full force in all shapes and practices.   Since we are able to engage our full expression, this time also allows us to tap into our heightened awareness powers. Our innate intuition kicks into high gear and we can perceive and discern versatile facets of our Self-discovery and therefore journey. We are able to prioritize our personal needs and create space, releasing any attachments that no longer serve us. This perpetuates the enhancement of the higher Self facilitating our autonomy a

Autumn Grace

The Autumnal Equinox is a celebrated and well welcomed time of the year as it symbolizes the great harvest; not to mention in the North East, it is revered for its beautiful weather. The crisp air and warm colored foliage allows for a reminder of the inevitable transformation of circumstances. It renews our understanding of cyclic nature and encourages the human element to accept and rejoice in change. The Autumnal Equinox also symbolizes a point in time of cosmic equality. The Sun is precisely above the Equator and day and night are of equal length; the Sun’s annual pathway intersects the celestial equator. I adore this time of year and have the honor of spending more time with family and reflecting internally. In a recent visit with them, and in particular my little cousin who so happens to be named Autumn Grace, I was enveloped in much needed joy and community renewal. Sitting around the dinner table and sharing in the harvest initiated a sense of gratefulness, a real apprecia

Reveling in Abundant Change

We have all heard the concept of change being the only constant in the world… Yet when the unexpected comes our way, more often than not, there is an initial apprehension and fear towards the unknown. Perhaps what follows is that awkwardness in trying our best to figure things out and experimenting with different methods (learned and new) to find our way. And, depending on the time and outcome, we revel in the aftermath, taking comfort in being more knowledgeable than before. I welcome change as a means of shifting from the unknown into the known. As I process and evolve my understanding, change can be events in our personal timeline that we handle as mini or massive projects. These events are, of course, NECESSARY as they take levels of effort and thoughtfulness, embracing them in whatever fashion and function. It is up to us, on a very personal degree, to approach these events with an open mind and a full heart to grow our perspective and increase positive self-development. For

Balance Must Be Practiced

I sat in a group yoga class years ago, eyes closed, breath even, and words whispered, “Balance cannot be taught… It must be practiced…” A light-bulb went off over my head and a smirk curled the corner of my lips. It was such a very apparent reminder of how we tell ourselves to remain even keeled but sometimes find the actual execution a bit challenging.  When I started my yogic journey decades ago, asana-ing around was a wonderful escape from performing the mundane daily to-do’s because it was new and aspirational. It was also very physical, not to mention the internal stimuli such exertion effects. Though it still carries this weight, asana has become more about self-development, as there are so many incredible variations and discoveries in the nuances of repetition that one body could ever master, even many lifetimes over. So, I continue to practice and build the connection of the mind, body, and spirit allowing the physical to moreover transform the mental. The balance comes fro

Summer Solstice Vibes on the East Coast

Can you feel the Summer Solstice energy opening your mind, shaking your body, and satisfying your soul!? I sure can! This time of the year always brings an invigorating sense of joy and hope, as well as the celebration of all things HAPPY. The seeds we have planted during the Winter, have blossomed in the Spring, and are now ready to be reveled within the Summer. The East Coast warms up and sheds its gloomy cloak and yogis flock to the parks and beaches to practice under the clear blue sky and experience the crisp air. I recently got back from a trip to Portugal with a rekindled enthusiasm for writing and sharing thoughts and experiences via the “interwebs”. What better a time to do so than on the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, where some gather to do yoga in Times Square amidst the tall buildings, hoards of people, and interesting NYC scents… It hopes to create an awareness and exposure of the ancient tradition of eliciting peace within the overstimulating haven t